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The following questions are intended to open you to what might be just below your awareness. They are intended to open you to subtle sources of intelligence. Feel free to move through them in quick succession, letting your intuition answer, or take your time with them, letting yourself deepen or daydream. They are a work-in-progress so I encourage you to add more questions in the Comments section of this post. You might also want to adapt them to your use, adding or subtracting accordingly. Okay, when you’re ready, take some deep breaths and quiet your mind and body. Begin:

How do you feel in your body?

Do you like your body?

What does your body long for?

What does your heart long for?

And your soul? Do you have a soul?

What do you long for in relationship?

Closeness? Shared experience? More affection? Serious conversation?

Do you betray yourself? If so, how?

What makes you vulnerable to betraying yourself?

In what ways do you support yourself? Oppose yourself? Call your own bluff? Enjoy yourself?

In what kind of space do you hold yourself? Warm, spacious, indifferent?

Do you let go of things or do things really get to you? (Annie Lamott has said that the things she’s let go of have claw marks on them.)

Can you laugh off disappointment?

Can you feel your own suffering?

Are the above two questions in opposition to each other?

How much fear do you live with? Over what?

Do you have a temper? What are you angry about really?

What did you “get through” that made you trust yourself more?

What shook you up and tested your confidence?

Do you believe in the human laboratory? That suffering calls us to ourselves? That psychological growth is meaningful? That it makes sense to want grace of the heart?

Silence is _____________.

Solitude is ____________.

Are you a good son/daughter/child to your parents? (This might be a trick question.)

What brings you joy?


Do you enjoy sex?

What would allow you to enjoy sex more?

Who can you tell about that?

What helps you trust someone easier?

What helps you trust a situation easier?

Do you get in your own way? How?

Do you let yourself cry?

When do you feel belonging?

When don’t you feel belonging? Why?

Who do you compromise yourself for?

What do you compromise yourself for?

What song reminds you of your mother?

What song reminds you of your father?

When you remembered your parents just now, what feelings did you have? Did any surprise you? (Not trying to make trouble or nothing…)

Where do you find your power?

How do you lose your power?

What in a person do you protect yourself from?

Are there measures you can take to protect yourself?

Who do you enjoy taking care of?

What do you enjoy taking care of?

Do you have a recurring dream?

What are you ashamed of?

Did you learn to be ashamed or does it just come naturally?

What’s the difference between remorse and guilt?

Can you be forgiven?

If you’re looking down at yourself from ‘heaven,’ how do you feel about yourself?

What would you like to tell yourself?

Do you deserve to be successful?

Does success depend on deserving?

Are you attuned to your fundamental innocence?

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