I believe that opening to the full spectrum of ourselves is the path of authenticity and self-love. My goal is to guide that opening and the practice of living it consciously. That process is often challenging for it includes encountering the trauma/pain that has kept us stuck. That pain
is also part of who we are and we can work with it compassionately and respectfully. My invitation is 'Come as you are. All of you is welcome.' 
You will find your strength in the opening, in a process that returns you
to your power.

Clinical Focus

Individual Therapy  I am passionate about working with people facing transitional challenges in their lives: those facing loss and grief; those growing out of established roles; those seeking to grow in ways that evoke fear and doubt; those yearning to free themselves from the grip of their trauma. When we are called to open to new ways of being, "shadow" emotions also emerge: anger, shame, sadness. I guide people, gently and skillfully, through the challenging but vital process 

of opening to those emotions by using methods validated by the latest developments in neuroscience. Those methods include: 1.) developing a mindful, witnessing capacity that helps short-circuit the reactivity that causes suffering; 2.) choosing kindness for self when possible; 3.) utilizing internal and external resources; 4.) exploring past events/emotions that still find harmful expression in your life; and 5.) expressing emotions consciously.

As a Contemplative Psychotherapist, I seek to help you orient from your open, compassionate nature as a means of working with a full range of past and present selves—those holding fear, anger, grief, shame. When we bring our essential self into relationship with those selves, we start a process of integration that is deeply healing and allows us to lead wakeful and fulfilling lives.

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